ECC Students Theme 2021-22

In the past, we have tried to focus on a theme for the whole year. There are a few main reason why I like to do this:

1. Ingrains ONE MAJOR point week-in and week-out. That by the end of the year, students will walk away with that knowledge.

2. Gives cohesion to the material for the whole year. With retreats, events, Sunday nights, and more... this is a great way to connect them all together.

Below are a few ideas for themes for the whole year. My request is for you to pray over them. Ask me questions about them. And help determine what the upcoming year will look like for ECC Students.



A Quick Note: These themes are NOT set in stone. There can be quite a bit of adjusting. Also, the graphics used are merely examples and may not be the end result.


    Theme Verse/Passage: Various Series [each focused on trust]

    Series Examples: Control /// Letting Go /// Stress-Relief /// Few Things Really Matter /// Busy

    Main Teaching Goal: Combatting a generation plagued by anxiety.

    Students fight anxiety now more than I’ve ever seen. This is a way for us to help students begin to find calm in the chaos of their lives.

    Discipleship Group Focus: Within each series, there will be an address on how to help students apply the truths of God's Word into their schedules, mindsets, and approaches to life.

  • THE END: A Study on Revelation

    Theme Verse/Passage: The Book of Revelation

    This would be divided into series: Overwhelmed /// The Seven Churches /// Bowls and Lampstands? - to name a few

    Main Teaching Goal: PREPARATION FOR THE END

    With this theme, we'll be wading through the misconceptions of The End Times. Helping students read the book of Revelation as a first century reader would've read it. 

    Discipleship Group Focus: Helping students discern that how they view the end of the world affects how they operate in the world now. Probably also address different theologies concerning the End Times.

  • HURRY: THE Gospel of mark

    Theme Verse/Passage: Gospel of Mark

    We would break the gospel of Mark up into series, but I'm not sure how I'd do that yet.

    Main Teaching Goal: The Significance of the Cross

    Mark’s account of Jesus’ Life is unique in that his portrayal of Jesus is always in a hurry to get to Holy Week, Jesus final week in Jerusalem. Words like immediately, quickly, and urgently are repeated over and over again, yet when we get to the account of Holy Week... everything slows way down! Mark 1-10 focuses on all three years of Jesus ministry. It's all smashed into ten chapters. Yet the remaining six chapters deal with Jesus week in Jerusalem - kinda makes you think there's something important happening in Jerusalem. 

    Discipleship Group Focus: There's no way to cover every verse within Mark, but our discipleship groups will be able to fill in the "holes" we miss on Sunday nights.


    Theme Verse/Passage: Hebrews 11 and it’s counterpart in the Old Testament.

    We will break this up into series based on each character described in Hebrews 11.

    Main Teaching Goal: FAITH

    I did a series like this several years ago, and it was met with pretty good response from the students. Essentially, this series is about teaching our students the importance of FAITH, but we also end up teaching the history of Israel. We walk through basically The Story throughout the whole Old Testament. The close is also quite powerful, because the author of Hebrews leads us from all these characters to only remind us that Jesus is the ultimate example of Faith, in whom we place our hope in.

    Discipleship Group Focus: Looking more in depth at the different characters we study each week, but also holding a mirror of their character to ourselves. See how we are like these characters - the good and bad.

  • known: A study of Identity

    Theme Verse/Passage: Book of Romans

    We will walk together through three main phases:

    Phase 1: Know who God is

    Phase 2: Know who we are

    Phase 3: Know what we do

    Main Teaching Goal: If we know who God is, then we’ll know who we are, and what we’re made to do.

    The book of Romans was written by Paul later in his ministry and it does an excellent job building a case for who we are as followers of Christ. He begins by building the case of who God is... all the while building the case of who we were without God. Then he dives into who we are In Christ, and finishes up the letter explaining what we do as those who are In Christ.

    Discipleship Group Focus: Studying Romans in more depth. Helping students see their identity isn't in comments or likes on Instagram. It's not found in their approval of friends. It's not found in their parents expectations. Rather, identity is found in Jesus alone.

Discipleship Group Focus

We talked in our last meeting about pushing for Discipleship groups of one or two adults to two or three students. Please continue to pray about who will be the adults who lead these groups. Pray about how often these groups will meet, and most importantly that God is already preparing these groups to make an impact on God's Kingdom.