Etch Elective Registrations Fall 2019 (Session 2)

October 30-November 20

Below you'll find a detailed description of the electives offered for the second session of the Fall. These are four-week electives on Wednesdays.

Electives are offered for grades 7-Adult, and have something for everyone. Detailed descriptions of each elective are below.

  • leading like Jesus

    Jesus was the perfect leader. He knew how to support those who followed him, stand for the weak, speak when necessary, and empower the most unlikely to do what which is holy. And wasn't he "just a carpenter from Nazareth"?

    This four week elective will zero-in on the leadership styles of Jesus Christ and how we, with the help of the Holy Spirit, can lead with humility and grace. This class is for anyone interested in leading or how to become a better leader within the church, your workplace or your community. You don't have to be a "natural born leader" in order to take this elective. All you need is a humble and willing heart to follow Jesus wherever he leads.

  • Discover Your Place (Membership Part 2)

    Discover Your Place (DYP) is our four-week course that equips you to learn the importance of serving, and how God has uniquely designed each of us to serve within and beyond the church body as a disciple of Christ. The goal of this class is to understand ourselves and others better as we serve. This makes our ministries even stronger. In short, “We are better together.” Specifically we look at how experiences, personality style, spiritual gifts, talents and your passion all create your ministry profile for serving. It is a great time of discovering together. 

    Individuals are still encouraged to take this elective, even if you didn't take Membership Part 1. Though, these electives are connected, they also function independently of each other.

  • Women's Bible Study: Open Your Bible


    Are you longing to hear from God, aching to know who He really is? The beautiful truth is this-we can encounter the living God today and every day in the pages of His Word. 

    Whether you are a seasoned Bible reader or struggle to keep up with studying Scripture, Open Your Bible will leave you with a greater appreciation for the Word of God, a deeper understanding of its authority, and a stronger desire to know the Bible inside and out. 

    This elective will span the course of both sessions of Etch in the fall (10 weeks).

  • Etch Interactive: Auto Care

    class limit: 15

    We're trying something new at Etch: Etch Interactives! These classes will be focused on hands-on experiences and finding Jesus in the normal everyday happenings of life and hobbies. This session: Automotive Care.

    How: Each week, following the meal, these individuals will travel to a local mechanics to learn simple tasks in automotive care. You'll learn how to change oil, check tire pressure and change tires, and more! And with each lesson comes hand-in-hand with and analogy of how our faith relates to proper automotive care. If we can take care of our spiritual lives the same way we consistently take care of our cars, we'll be able to drive for a long time.

    Please note: The class limit size for this class is 15. So the first fifteen to signup will be given a spot in this class. PLEASE don't take a spot if you know you will be missing more than one of these weeks.

  • Not Your Typical Bible Stories

    In/out elective

    This is our in/out elective. It is ideal if you know you'll be missing several weeks because many of these classes are not connected. 

    The Old and New Testaments are full of great stories that we learned as children. More than likely, though, we learned these stories with some missing elements because they were "too much" for a children's class room. This four-week course spends each Wednesday looking at a particular Bible story, but maybe not the way we’ve grown up hearing and learning about them. There is no Registration Required for this course. 

Etch Knights Club

Etch Knights Club is designed to help young children (Pre-K Through 6th Grade) to learn about Christ. If you are new to ECC, you will need to print, fill out and bring this registration form with you for each child. If you are a member or a regular attender at ECC, you'll need to print, fill out, and bring this form with you for your children.