PARABLES: Jesus The Storyteller

Jesus used many different ways to teach. He preached, he lectured, he used object lessons, and he told parables. Parables are short fictional stories that use common everyday objects and people to communicate a truth. In Jesus case, he used it to speak truths about God, His Kingdom, and how we are to treat each other as his disciples.

Over the remaining months of Doer Group, we are going to

(1) Learn how to read a parable.

(2) Learn the character of God and who he's called us to be.

Check out more videos below to help understand what this series is about.


If you would like a hard copy of the curriculum, please let me know and I'll get that for you.


Week 1 - April 11 - The Weeds [Download]

Week 2 - April 18 - The 10 Virgins [Download]

Week 3 - April 25 - The Good Samaritan [DOWNLOAD]

Week 4 - May 2 - The Great Feast [DOWNLOAD]

Week 5 - May 16 - The Pharisee and Tax Collector

Week 6 - May 23 - The Lost Things

Suggestions for Preparation:

  • Make sure to spend approximately 1-2 hrs in preparation each week. I'd encourage you to do more, but that is up to you. Please try to do at least 1 hour of preparation.
  • Don't prep on Sunday afternoon the week of. You will not be ready.
  • I make many spelling and grammar mistakes. Sorry.


We are entering a period of time where Sunday night attendance will gradually decline. As the weather gets nicer, as the days get longer, there will be more opportunities for students outside of youth group. Because of this, we will structure teaching in the following way:


We will meet in the Gathering Area for our teaching times. Students will sit at the tables; adult leaders will be spaced out one per table.

Big Group

While in the Gathering Area, Pastor Josh will lead the discussion for each group. Pastor Josh will teach and facilitate each week’s parable, and guide discussion to hopefully the goal for the week.

Table Groups

Groups will read the parable of the week together. They will answer questions provided by Pastor Josh, and share their answers throughout the teaching time. Groups will need a spokesperson to share the groups answers.


Each week we will make an effort to be outside and play together as a group, but this time around we will be doing activities that involve the entire group.


Please be sure to notice which week's lesson we are on. The date below each video is for the Sunday that video teaches about.


Thank You

Words are not enough to say, "Thank You" for how you are supporting our teens at Eaton Community Church. I am grateful for all you give to this ministry, and I hope and pray you see the benefits of the time you give.