There are some extremely popular verses found throughout scripture, but more often found on someone’s social media page along with a picture of a sunset over the ocean or an accompanying story that may not or may not be true… and no I didn't mis-type. Typically, it is easy to take these powerful verses within scripture and remove them from the context in which they’re written, thus making them say something they never intended to say.

This series is made to help prevent that from happening as we take 10 of the most popular verses found within scripture and put them in their appropriate context allowing us to generate an accurate translation. Our goal is to allow God to speak to us from these verses, rather than us allowing God to speak to us the way we desire him to.

Check out more videos below on each lesson within the series.


If you would like a hard copy of the curriculum, please let me know and I'll get that for you.

WEEKS 1-3 [SEPTEMBER] (Click to download)

WEEKS 4-7 [OCTOBER] (Click to download)

WEEKS 8-10 [NOVEMBER] (Click to download)

Suggestions for Preparation:

  • Make sure to spend approximately 1-2 hrs in preparation each week. I'd encourage you to do more, but that is up to you. Please try to do at least 1 hour of preparation.
  • Don't prep on Sunday afternoon the week of. You will not be ready.
  • I make many spelling and grammar mistakes. Sorry.

Weekly Details

THE 10

Week 1September 13John 3:16
Week 2September 20Jeremiah 29:11
Week 3September 27Philippins 4:13
Week 4October 4Matthew 7:1
Week 5October 11Matthew 19:26
Week 6October 18Mark 11:24
Week 7October 25John 11:35
Week 8November 1Romans 3:23a
Week 9November 151 Corinthians 13:4
Week 10November 22Genesis 1:1

*We have made an adjustement. We spent two weeks (Week 6&7) on two sequential verses: Mark 11:23-24, both are very popular verses.

We moved John 11:35 to Week 8, and removed Romans 3:23a.



6:30PM - STATION 1

7:00PM - STATION 2

8:00PM - STATION 3


For the majority of our time, students will be broken into three groups by grade: 7th and 8th; 9th and 10th; 11th and 12th, and will cycle between three half-hour-long stations.


ACTIVITY (30min)
This will be a time of fun and interaction. It will be a sport, a game, or some form of action that brings students together and allows them to enjoy their evening.


Designed to help students grasp what was learned from the main teaching. It will also be a time where students in each group will pray for each other and specific requests each week.



Learning about God and his character is only good if we find ways to use it. Thus, this section will be finding creative ways to apply scripture the lives of the students.




Thank You

Words are not enough to say, "Thank You" for how you are supporting our teens at Eaton Community Church. I am grateful for all you give to this ministry, and I hope and pray you see the benefits of the time you give.