COLLIDE: When Truth Speaks

When Truth Speaks is a Small Group based curriculum through John Chapter 3-9. In these chapters, we see Jesus having conversations with several different people. At the end of these conversations, the person (or group) must make their mind up about who Jesus is. Some stay, some leave, some are silent, but all respond in some way. Our hope is that at the end of each lesson, our students are also presented with that same scenario, and thus have to make their minds up about who Jesus is saying he is.

It is important for you to understand our small group time will be the main focus of the evenings in the months of October and November. Pastor Josh will be doing a recap of the previous weeks, and a follow-up after small group time, but there will be an hour dedicated to Small Groups. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you (as a leader) are prepared for the evening when you come in, because you and your leading group will be responsible for the bulk of the teaching that evening.

This area is designed to help you as a small group leader be as prepared as possible for the students on a Sunday evening. You'll find resources here for the curriculum. Links of places to do some of your own study (if you so desire). And a video to help you best prepare for the upcoming week.


Full Curriculum (for those of you who like to have just one document)


Week 1: Jesus and Nicodemus

Week 2: Jesus and The Samaritan Woman

Week 3: Jesus and The Paralytic


Week 4: Jesus and His Brothers

Week 5: Jesus and The Jews

Week 6: Jesus and The Blind Man

Suggestions for Preparation:

  • Make sure to spend approximately 1-2 hrs in preparation each week. I'd encourage you to do more, but that is up to you. Please try to do at least 1 hour of preparation.
  • Don't prep on Sunday afternoon the week of. You will not be ready.
  • NOTICE: Some weeks require you to have materials in advance. So if you're reading this on the Sunday afternoon before Small Group time, then you are probably not going to be as prepared as you should.

Weekly Details

Weekly devotional

Each group leader will be responsible to get enough devotionals for their group each week. You will need them for your Small Group Time... you may also want to take the opportunity to share about what anyone has learned from the devos.

It will be important to highlight two sections:

1. Weekly Doer Activity

This is to help students realize practical ways to apply the Gospel of John to their lives.

2. Prayer Time

Spend time helping students realize the need and importance in praying for each other.


5:15PM - Meet in Front Office for Prayer

5:30PM - Dinner Time

6:00PM - Announcements

6:10PM - Group Game Time


7:30PM - Small Group Recap with P. Josh

Small Group Activity

This is typically some sort of object lesson that was made to go along with the overall theme of the week.

Make sure to be familiar with it and to have the materials ahead of time. If you need help getting the materials, please let me know at least by the Thursday before.

YOU DO NOT have to do the object lesson that is given. You can come up with your own or find another to supplement it. We do want to provide some tangible experience for each student. The same goes for the rest of the curriculum. Feel free to make any changes that will best fit your teaching style.


Themes are hyper-important in the book of John (for more information see the Introduction video below). Therefore, we are creating a time for you and your group to see if you can find any of the themes in the passage you are studying for the day.

PLEASE do not skip over this section. It's important with where we're trying to go by the end of this year. Each theme comes to a climax in this gospel, and they climax at a significant realization of Jesus Christ, and causes the reader to have to make a judgement on who he truly is.

Themes to remember:

Life, Light/Dark, Testimony, Confusion/Misunderstanding, Heaven and Earth, Truth, and more.



Thank You

Words are not enough to say, "Thank You" for how you are supporting our teens at Eaton Community Church. I am grateful for all you give to this ministry, and I hope and pray you see the benefits of the time you give.