Weekend Curriculum

Below are the documents you'll need for each session. There is a copy of all sessions together as one book, OR you can have each session as it's own document. It's up to you. Each session highlights what each Small Group Leader will be responsible for, what you need to do to prepare, and how to walk through each small group time.

***Though preparation for each session isn't much, PLEASE take time to prepare. Romans is not an easy book to understand.***

FULL BOOK: A New Way To Be Human Overview and Sessions

A New Way to Be Human Overview

A New Way to Be Human Session 1

A New Way to Be Human Session 2

A New Way to Be Human Session 3

Session Videos

Below are the four videos that cover the weekend. Each is intended to be short so you can manage your time well and spend more time preparing with the curriuclum above. These videos are intended to be a support as you see the over-arching theme as it plays out in each session.

In this video you'll see Pastor Josh talk about the over-arching them and how it relates to each session. He also gives information on how to prepare for session 4 where each small group will be leading a worship service.

In session 1, P. Josh goes into detail about how Jesus death on the cross, leads to hope, which leads to reconciliation.

Paul contrasts Jesus to Adam. Both are patters for humanity. Adam being the pattern for sinful humanity, and Jesus as a pattern for those who are saved by grace.

This is a look at our old self vs. our new self. Who we were before has to be conquered by who we are after through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.


  • We leave from the church on Friday, November 5 @ 4PM
  • If you can be there a little earlier to help get things set up, that would be great!
  • We will be taking the trailer for luggage and items we need.
  • Carpooling:
    - We're unsure how many students will be attending, but we typically have anywhere between 15-25.
    - We are unable to get a rental van for the weekend, so we have the church van that can take 15 (including the driver).
    - We will need some volunteers to drive. Keep your receipts and you'll be reimbursed for fuel.


  • Be involved and engaged with the students. You are allowed free/personal time, but please make sure to not only do that.
  • Help in any area you see help needed.
  • Arguments or bad behavior from students - Pastor Josh is the enforcer. Bring those to me.
  • Teenagers are emotional and hormonal - NO PURPLE, which means no girl/guy relationship stuff. Bring all of that to P. Josh, the enforcer!