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This series begins our long journey through Paul’s letter to the Romans. A major problem within the Roman church, as you see within the subtext of scripture, is there is a strong divide between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. Paul’s overall goal for the Roman church is to bring them to unity in order for them to accomplish the goal set before them: to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring salvation to other parts of the world (i.e. Spain and the West).

The way Paul begins accomplishing this goal is by helping the church understand who they are in Christ. Both Jew and Gentile are a sinful people who have abandoned God. But both Jew and Gentile have been provided with salvation through Jesus Christ. If this church is to be a launching point for Paul’s ministry to expand beyond the Roman world, they must find a common ground, and in doing so can then know their identity in Jesus.


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Our theme for the year is YOU ARE KNOWN. Our goal is to help students realize their identity is found in Jesus Christ and nothing else. They are known by God, and that means they can put their trust in someone that will never fail them. This journey will take us through the entire book of Romans. To make Romans a little more understandable, we've divided it up into FOUR series over the year. A COMMON GROUND is the first of the four series. Sprinkled throughout the year, though, are lessons specifically designed to help students see how each series gives information about our Identity in Christ.

These evenings will be more "sermonette" nights from Pastor Josh. There will not be much discussion, so prep will not be necessary for adults. However, if you'd like to know the topics of discussion, you can see them below.


To be known by someone means an accepted vulnerability. We can put a mask on and trick anyone into believing we're something we're not, but for Jesus... he sees behind the masks. For Jesus, he doesn't need an invitation into your vulnerability. He already KNOWS you. It's up to us to embrace this vulnerability and let Jesus into our lives. If we are to know who we are, we must begin by understanding there's someone who knows us better than we know ourselves.


The Common Ground Paul puts us on is that we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We're all depraved (morally corrupt), and desire to worship something other than God. Because of this, we are unrighteous, unholy and not worthy of being in God's Presence. This is what we've spent the past two months learning in Romans. But praise be to the Lord, through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ we have been made righteous!

DG Discipleship

September Focus: Identity

During this month, the goal is to share the importance of knowing where our identity is found. The source of our identity defines who we are. If our source is anything but Jesus, then we will be ultimately let down. As leaders, we will try to begin our discipleship getting very real with our students. Who or what are we allowing to define us? And how can we begin making adjustments to allow Jesus to be the source of our identity.

October Focus: Faith and Father Abraham

Through Jesus death and resurrection, all humanity has been made righteous. We must merely have the faith to accept that righteousness. For the Jews, they believed it was being a part of a nation that made them righteous.

They had The Law. They had the circumcision. And they had the Patriarch (Abraham). What Paul does in Romans 4 is help the Jews in Rome understand that Abraham was actually credited as righteous by God BEFORE he was circumcised! Therefore it was his FAITH in the promise of God (that Jesus would come) that made him righteous NOT The Law, NOT circumcision, and NOT being a part of a blood line. It's through FAITH in Jesus that one is made righteous... which requires a circumcision of the heart... not of the foreskin.

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