Details and Information


This event is designed for young girls (7th grade) to women (adult).


This weekend is an opportunity for younger and older (and every age in-between) women to Share Life and Share Christ together. Time will be spent engaging with God's Word, fellowship, activities, great food, and more.


Dates: February 17-19

Cost: $120 (covers food and lodging)

Extra cost: You will need to pay for one meal - Friday Dinner (suggested $15)

Leaving: Friday, Feb. 17 @ 4PM - Eaton Community Church

Arriving Home: Sunday, Feb. 19 @ 4PM - Eaton Community Church


Packing List

Weekend Theme: Identity in Christ

Ephesians 2:8-10

The question, "Who am I?" plays a significant role in all our lives. How we answer that question effects much of our worldview and how we approach life. With limitless influences and influencers penetrating our daily lives, its' imperative that as Christians we are aware of who our ULTIMATE influencer needs to be: Jesus. 

Over the weekend, we'll address the battles taking place over our attention. We'll become aware of the war that is waging over our very identities. And most importantly focus on the one in whom we are to identify with. 

As followers of Christ, we are fallen image bearers, saved by grace, by the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Because of the death and resurrection, we are now able to live as God intended us to live - partnering and sharing in his reign in his kingdom.