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The Goal of this page is to keep you updated on what's happening in youth ministry and also give you resources to help you pass on a spiritual heritage within your teenagers. Scroll down to find more...

Back Together Series


Each week we will be studying a specific topic until we actually get BACK TOGETHER again. Each topic will dive into the aspects of how God can work on us in this time of waiting so that when we get back together, we can honor God in even greater ways as we interact and care for each other. Topics include: Our Schedules, Handling Conflict, Boldness in our Faith, etc.


We will also be providing midweek devotions where students can go deeper with a topic. As parents, you will be given an full preview of these devotions before your students. The hope is that you will be familiar with what your children are learning and be able to have a conversation with them about it or even do the devotion with them. My goal is to make these devotions no more than 10 minutes long.

This weeks Devotion Preview:

I chose to do it in portrait mode, because I felt most students will be using their phone and this will be a little more in their realm of typical viewing. Essentially, this will look more like FaceTime (having a conversation), than watching a video.

Another video to help on the topic of Sabbath:



Parent Resources

This website has reviews from editors, but also parents. You can get reviews on most forms of media: Movies, TV Shows, Books, Video Games, etc.

It gives a recommended age. Details appropriate and inappropriate language, scenes of violence, and over all content.

I use this website myself to gauge whether to watch a new Netflix show or watch a movie. It's very useful!

This is a Gold mine of searchable youth culture resources going back years.

There is a constant flow of up to date reviews of what is going on in the world of teens, a Podcast, blog, face book updates, and twitter posts. 

This site is Not about shock and awe but helps make sense of the confusing world of youth culture with practical suggestions targeted at how to respond to all of this. 

Led by Youth Ministry veteran Jonathan McKee, what the Source for Parents does is connect you to a bunch other amazing parent resources. One could go all morning clicking on the links and following the leads to other valuable articles, book reviews, and websites.