Child Safety and Security

It is our desire to provide the safest possible environment in which to care for our children in the midst of a world that is growing increasingly unsafe.  The Bible tells us to “be wise as serpents and innocent as doves”.   We take that admonition seriously and plan ahead for things that could go wrong, with a strong view toward prevention. 


No event or tragedy has happened in our church that these policies are in response to.  We just believe it to be more responsible to put our efforts towards preventing anything from happening, instead of waiting until something happens before we work to protect our children

To Protect Our Children


Background Checks:

Every person who serves anywhere in our children’s ministry has an interview with the Children’s Director, a background check, and an Orientation that includes our safety plans and procedures


Children birth - Grade 4 receive a nametag each fall, color coded to their classroom, that provides medical and safety information to the teacher.

Visiting Children

Visiting children will be given a guest security card and an adhesive nametag to wear. Guests will be asked to complete as visitor form so our teachers can be aware of and sensitive to your child's needs.

Why we have a Security System?

  • Parents feel greater comfort knowing that their child’s safety is being carefully considered.

  • Children, as children, are vulnerable to many dangers in life anywhere they go. Our goal is to minimize any dangers that may arise.


  • Criminals who respected the sanctity of churches years ago now see it as a target for theft, kidnapping, and violence.

Other Safety Protection

Two Person Rule

Every classroom must have two people serving. Classrooms are only open when two our team members are available for receiving children.


Teacher and caregivers are notified of health conditions & allergies. Any medical conditions a child may have is noted on the back of their permanent nametags so that teachers can be instantly aware.

Safety Team

We have a team of people who are committed to overseeing the safety of our children and our church. Every time a children's program is occurring, one or more of these team members are on duty.

First Aid

A well stocked first aid kit is kept at our Children's Welcome Center and injuries are noted on a form with a view to maximizing children's safety.


Each Classroom has a walkies-talkie they can use to get help for any situation.

Paging System

If your child should happen to need you during the worship time, his or her number will be flashed on the large screens at the front in worship.