Operation Christmas Child

This is the 4th quarter Mission and Outreach project partnering with Etch. This project is open to the whole church, and Etch will be hosting a "packing party" for the collected items on Wednesday, November 16th at 6:30pm.


  • Bring in gift items. We are collecting items weekly for the shoe box packing party. Each week is a different item category. There will be collection tubs at a kiosk in the Gathering Area. (Collections will begin next week-September 21")
  • Pack a box yourself and bring it back to church to turn in at the kiosk. (Boxes and labels will be available next week at the kiosk.)
  • Donate $ for shipping or towards purchase of needed gift items. Shipping is $10 per box.


How To Pack A Box (PDF)

Gift Suggestions and Ideas (PDF)

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Each night at Etch, we'll be collecting different items for the shoeboxes. Then on November 16th at 6:30PM we'll have a packing party to put all the items into shoeboxes to shipped.

  • Week 1-The Wow! Items

    Sept. 21


    • Doll
    • Soccer ball (Make sure to include a manual air pump)
    • Stuffed animal
    • Small musical instrument (such as a harmonica or woodwind recorder)
  • Week 2-School Supplies

    Sept. 28


    • Pencils
    • Small manual
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Colored pencils
    • Pencil case
    • Crayons
    • Markers
    • Pens
    • Coloring pads
    • Coloring books
    • Picture book
    • Notebooks
    • Glue stick (Do not include liquid glue.)
  • Week 3-Personal Care/Hygiene

    oCT. 5

    • Comb
    • Hairbrush
    • Toothbrush
    • Washcloth
    • Adhesive bandages (Colorful ones can help a child be more willing to wear a bandage. Do not include liquid antibiotic ointment.)
    • Reusable plastic containers: cup, water bottle, plate, bowl, blunt-edged utensils (Consider filling an empty container with non-liquid items such as hair bows, bracelets, sunglasses, or washcloths to maximize the space.)
    • Blanket
  • Week 4-Clothing and Accessories

    OCT. 12


    • Shirts and pants
    • Pillowcase dress (loose-fitting sundress)
    • Underwear
    • Shoes and socks
    • Flip-fl ops
    • Hat/scarf/mittens
    • Sunglasses
    • Tote bag/purse
    • Hair bows
    • Friendship bracelets (woven with yarn or embroidery thread)
  • Week 5-Toys, Crafts and Activities

    OCT. 19


    • Foam ball
    • Finger puppets
    • Slinky
    • Small kite
    • Etch a Sketch®
    • Interactive toys that include push buttons, lights, noise (include extra batteries)

What Is Operation Christmas Child?

The Amazing Journey of a Simple Shoebox Gift begins with You and Results in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Multiplication


From children to seniors, people pack shoebox gifts each year to bless children in need around the world. Parents often use the project to teach their kids about giving. Year-round volunteers support these efforts across the country.


Churches and groups of all sizes collect boxes from their communities. Some churches also serve as drop-off locations for shoeboxes the third week of November every year.


Thousands of volunteers serve annually inspecting and preparing shoeboxes for international shipping. Every hour work stops for a few minutes to pray for the children who will receive the boxes.


Long before shoeboxes arrive in more than 100 countries, volunteer National Leadership Teams train pastors and community leaders who want to share the message of the Gospel and bless children. The leaders learn how to host child-friendly outreach events, and how to implement The Greatest Journey follow-up discipleship program.